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Barter, Basis, Bastard, Battered-person syndrome, Battery

Barter  1 n. The exchange of goods or services without the use of money. 2 v. To negotiate, engage in, or conclude a barter.

Basis n. The amount or value assigned to a taxpayer's cost of acquiring, or investment in, an asset. Primarily used when determining the taxpayer's gain or loss when the property is sold, bartered, or exchanged or the asset's depreciation.

Bastard n. 1 Same as illegitimate child. 2 The child of a married woman whose father is not the woman's husband or whose paternity is not conclusively established.

Battered-person syndrome n. The medical and psychological condition of a person who has suffered (usually persistent) emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from another person.

Battery n. The harmful or offensive touching of any part of another person's body or of something, such as clothing or carried umbrella, that is so closely attached to the person that it is customarily regarded as part of the person.

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