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Bench ruling, Beneficial, Beneficiary, Benefit, Benefit-of-the-bargain rule

Bench ruling n. An oral decision given, or a written decision read aloud, by a judge to the parties and their lawyers from the bench.

Beneficial n. A right or interest that derives from something other than legal title.

Beneficiary n. A person entitled to an advantage, benefit, or profit (such as an inheritance under a will or the proceeds of an annuity, insurance policy, or property held in trust) arising from an appointment, assignment, disposition, instrument, or legal arrangement.

Benefit n. That which is helpful; advantage; financial assistance; gain; privilege; profit.

Benefit-of-the-bargain rule n. 1 In breach of contract cases, the principle that the aggrieved party is entitled from the party who breached the contract to everything that he would have received, including profits, if the breach had not occurred. 2 In cases involving fraud or misrepresentation of the value of property, the principle that the defrauded party is entitled to damages equal to the difference between the misrepresented value and the lower amount that represents the true value of the property.

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