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Bid-shopping, Bigamy, Bill, Bill of attainder, Bill of certiorari

Bid-shopping v. The legitimate practice whereby a general contractor, after being awarded a contract, tries to reduce his own costs by disclosing to interested subcontractors the lowest bids he received for subcontracts, and then inviting even lower bids.

Bigamy n. The crime of marrying a person while legally married to another. The second marriage is void.

Bill 1 n. A draft of a proposed statute submitted to a legislature by one of its members for consideration and possible enactment. 2 n. A statement by one person or entity to another regarding money owed for goods sold and services performed. 3 v. To submit a request for payment for goods sold and services performed. 4 n. In equity law, the initial pleading wherein a party sets out their cause of action.

Bill of attainder n. Any legislative act that imposed a sentence of death and attainder upon one or more specific individuals or groups without a trial or other judicial proceeding.

Bill of certiorari n. In equity law, a pleading that seeks the removal of an action to a higher court for appellate review.

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