Bill of costs, Bill of discovery, Bill of exceptions, Bill of indictment, Bill of lading

Bill of costs n. An itemized and certified (or verified) list of the expenses incurred by the prevailing party in a lawsuit. The pleading is submitted to assist the court in determining how many, if any, of these costs should be paid by the losing party.

Bill of discovery n. In equity law, a pleading that seeks the disclosure of facts known by the adverse party.

Bill of exceptions n. A written statement from a trial judge to an appellate court listing a party's objections or exceptions made during the trial and the grounds on which they were based.

Bill of indictment n. 1 A proposed indictment submitted by the prosecution to a grand jury, listing the deeds of criminal misconduct allegedly committed by a defendant. 2 An indictment as approved by a grand jury.

Bill of lading n. A document issued by a carrier or by a shipper's agent that identifies the goods received for shipment, where the goods are to be delivered, and who is entitled to receive the shipment.

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