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Bill of pains and particulars, bill of particulars, bill of review, bill of rights, Bill of Rights

Bill of pains and particulars n. Any legislative act similar to a bill of attainder that imposes a punishment less severe than death.

Bill of particulars n. In criminal law, a written statement of the charges brought against the defendant specifying the details of the alleged acts of wrongdoing that will be brought up at trial.

Bill of review n. In equity law, a pleading requesting a trial court to explain, revise, or reverse a final decree issued by the court.

Bill of rights n. 1 A section or addendum, usually in a constitution of a country, state, or other similar political entity, specifying the civil and political rights of the entity's citizens or residents and the limits on the entity's government to infringe on or interfere with those rights. 2 Any formal list of rights given to a group of individuals by statutes or by adoption by an organization or institution. For example, a law concerning the provision of services for the elderly may include a senior citizen's bill of rights.

Bill of Rights n. The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.

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