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Bill of Sale, Bind, Binder, Binding, Bind over

Bill of sale n. A document that conveys title to personal property from a seller to a buyer.

Bind v. To subject to a legal obligation.

Binder n. 1 A document giving a person temporary insurance coverage until her application for insurance is rejected or until the insurance policy is issued. 2 A document in which the parties to a sale of real property declare their intention to transfer ownership of the property. The document usually includes a memorandum of the important points of the parties' contract and is usually accompanied by the buyer's first payment. 3 The buyer's first payment toward the purchase of real property.

Binding adj. Obligatory.

Bind over v. 1 To require a person to do something (usually to appear in court). 2 To imprison or place a person into a law enforcement officer's physical custody for imprisonment to guarantee the person's attendance at a judicial proceeding (usually a criminal trial).

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