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Blackacre, Blank check, Blaspemy, Blockbusting, Blood alcohol concentration

Blackacre n. The name of fictitious piece of land frequently used, especially in law school, when discussing concepts and issues of the law concerning real property and future interests. When the discussion involves two fictitious pieces of land, the second tract is frequently referred to as Whiteacre.

Blank check Same as blank indorsement.

Blasphemy n. The act of reviling, ridiculing, or being disrespectful or irreverent of, by words or conduct, God, religion, a religious doctrine, a religious icon, or anything considered sacred.

Blockbusting v. The inducement of people by a real estate agent to sell real property quickly, and frequently for less than what the property is worth, by spreading rumors about ethnic minorities moving into the neighborhood and thereby generating business for the real estate agent.

Blood alcohol concentration n. The amount of alcohol in an individual's bloodstream expressed as a percentage of the total composition of one's blood. The percentage is used to determine whether the person is legally drunk, especially in regard to laws prohibiting the driving of vehicles while under the influence of alcohol.

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