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Bluebook, Blue laws, Blue sky law, Board of directors, Board of pardons

Bluebook n. The most frequently used guide on how to cite court case, statutes, treatises, law review articles, legislative debates and hearings, and other authorities on the status and interpretation of the law.

Blue laws n. Laws regulating or prohibiting certain otherwise legal activities, especially commercial activities, either on Sunday or all the time for essentially a religious reason.

Blue sky law n. The popular name for the statute, found in every state, that regulates within the state the sale of corporate securities to the public.

Board of directors n. The governing body of a corporation elected by the shareholders to establish and carry out corporate policy, select the corporation's officers, make certain major decisions concerning the corporation's business and finances, and to oversee the corporation's operations.

Board of pardons n. A state agency authorized to grant pardons to and commute the sentences of convicted criminals.

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