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Body politic, Boilerplate, Bona fide, Bona fide occupational qualification, Bona fides

Body politic n. The people who are subjected to or owe allegiance to a single organized political government authority, such as a state or country.

Boilerplate n. Any standardized language or working that is almost always found in certain legal documents such as contracts and deeds. The terms are often in fine print and typically deal with matters that are either noncontroversial or nonnegotiable.

Bona fide adj. Latin. In good faith. Acting, being, carried out, or made in good faith; authentic; genuine; sincere.

Bona fide occupational qualification n. Employment practices that would constitute discrimination as to certain individuals of a particular religion, gender, national origin, or age range (but not race or color) when the otherwise illegal discrimination is a bona fide qualification that is reasonable necessary for the normal performance of the duties of that particular occupation.

Bona fides n. 1 Same as good faith. 2 Credential, documents, or other evidence of authenticity, good faith, legitimacy, or trustworthiness.

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