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Bond, Appeal bond, Bail bond, Bearer bond, Blanket bond

Bond n. A written promise to pay or forfeit money or perform some act upon the occurrence or nonoccurrence of a specific act or the passage of a specified amount of time.

Appeal bond. A bond required of the appellant in a civil case to ensure that the appellee's costs will be paid if the appeal is dropped or unsuccessful.

Bail bond. A bond given to a court by a surety to secure the release of a criminal defendant from incarceration and to guarantee the defendant's future appearance in court, when required, during the criminal proceeding pending against him.

Bearer bond. A bond payable to whomever has possession of it. Whenever possession is transferred, so is also the ownership of the bond and the entitlement to the repayment of the debt and accompanying interest payments.

Blanket bond. A bond, frequently in the form of a fidelity bond, to protect against the wrongful action of one or more of a group or class of individuals.

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