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Bondholder, Bondsman, Bonus, Bonus stock, Book

Bondholder n. The owner of a bond.

Bondsman n. One who, usually for a fee, guarantees a surety bond for another.

Bonus n. 1 Wages paid in addition to the compensation ordinarily given or required under an employment contract. A bonus is payment for services (such as for recognition of exceptional work performance) or on consideration, and is neither gift nor gratuity. 2 Anything given or provided for free in addition to what is usual, agreed to, or legally due.

Bonus stock n. Extra shares of stock, usually common stock, given without payment or other consideration by a corporation along with a bond or other stock, usually preferred stock, as an incentive for the public to purchase the bond or other stock.

Book 1 n. A ledger or register recording particular transaction or events such as financial transactions and police arrests. 2 v. To enter or record the details of a transaction or event into such a book. 3 v. The process at a police station of completing an arrest, including fingerprinting and photographing the defendant.

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