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Book value, Boot, Bootleg, Borrowed servant doctrine, Borrowing statute, Bounty

Book value n. The value according to a corporation's books of an asset's worth minus its accompanying liabilities.

Boot n. money or property given or received to balance or equalize an exchange property.

Bootleg 1 v. To make or distribute something illegally, without required authorization or registration, or without payment of the appropriate taxes. 2 n. Something that is made or distributed in such a fashion.

Borrowed servant doctrine n. The common law principle that the employer of a borrowed employee, rather than the employee's regular employer, is liable for the employee's actions that occur while the employee is under the control of the temporary employer. Sometimes referred to as borrowed employee doctrine.

Borrowing statute n. A state statute specifying the circumstances when the statute of limitations of another state will be applied to in-state lawsuits whose cause of action arose in the other state.

Bounty n. 1 A benefit, premium, or reward offered or given, especially by a government, to cause a person to take some specific action. 2 A gift or favor generously bestowed. 3 Liberality in giving.

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