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Bounty hunter, Boycott, Breach, Breach of the close, Breach of duty

Bounty hunter n. A person who, for an reward or fee, pursues and captures bail jumpers or individuals who have not yet been arrested but are charged with or suspected of committing a criminal offense.

Boycott v. 1 A concerted action by two or more individuals or entities to avoid commercial dealings with a business or to induce others to take the same action. This may include the refusal to work for the business and to purchase or distribute the company's products. While peaceful boycotts are generally legal, boycotts that use coercion or intimidation to prevent others from dealing with the targeted business are not. 2 To engage in a boycott.

Breach n. A violation of a law, obligation, or promise.

Breach of the close. The common law trespass of entering another's land either unlawfully or without authorization.

Breach of duty. 1 The failure to perform a legal or moral obligation owed to a person or to the public. 2 The failure to act as required by the law. 3 The failure to exercise the care that a reasonable person would exercise in the same or similar situation.

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