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Building and loan association, Bulk sale, Burden, Burden of allegation, Burden of evidence

Building and loan association n. A quasi-public corporation to which its members contribute money that is loaned back to the members so they can buy or build homes.

Bulk sale n. Any sale of a large quantity of materials, merchandise, supplies, or other inventory that is not in the seller's ordinary course of business.

Burden n. 1 A duty, obligation, or responsibility. 2 Something that causes anxiety or is grievous or oppressive. 3 In property law, anything that encumbers or restrict the use or value of land, such as an easement, restrictive covenant, or zoning ordinance. The burden indefinitely binds the current and all future owners until it is extinguished, so it is the land, and the landowner, that is burdened by the encumbrance or restriction.

Burden of allegation n. The burden on a party seeking to raise an issue at trial to make allegations about it in a pleading. Also called burden of pleading or pleading burden.

Burden of evidence n. The burden on a party seeking to support a claim or defense at trial to produce sufficient evidence at trial to have the issue merit consideration by the fact-finder.

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