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Burden of persuasion, Burden shifting, Burglar, Burglary, Business judgment rule

Burden or persuasion n. The burden on a party at trial to present sufficient evidence to persuade the fact-finder, by the applicable standard of proof, of the truth of a fact or assertion and to convince the fact-finder to interpret the facts inĀ  a way that favors the party.

Burden shifting v. The shifting of the burden of proof from one party to another at trial, after each party presents sufficient evidence to initially persuade the fact-finder of the truth or falsehood of a disputed fact or assertion, the burden shifts to the other party to disprove such fact or assertion.

Burglar n. An individual who commits burglary.

Burglary 1 n. The common-law offense of forcibly entering a dwelling at night to commit a felony therein. 2 v. Under many modern statutes, the act of breaking and entering into any building at any time with the intent to commit a felony (or, in some states, a felony or petit larceny and, in other states, any crime) therein.

Business judgment rule n. The legal doctrine that a corporation's officers and directors cannot be liable for damages to stockholders for a business decision that proves unprofitable or harmful to the corporation so long as the decision was within the officers' or directors' discretionary power and was made on an informed basis, in good faith without any direct conflict of interest, and in the honest and reasonable belief that it was in the corporation's best interest.

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