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Cancel, Cancellation, Canon, Capacity, Capital

Cancel v. 1 To blot out, deface, mark off, perforate, destroy, or otherwise physically alter a writing to render it void. 2 To annul, terminate, or revoke a promise or obligation.

Cancellation n. 1 The act, or the marks or perforations made in the act, of canceling something. 2 A remedy by which a court calls in, annuls, and retains possession of a void or rescinded written legal document because it may cause unnecessary litigation or make a person's title to property unclear. For example, a court may call in, annul, and retain possession of a void deed to real estate that a party used to falsely claim title to someone else's real property, in order to prevent any such claims in the future.

Canon n. 1 A rule or principle, especially one that is fundamental. 2 A rule or standard of conduct, in the form of a general maxim, adopted by a professional organization to guide the conduct of its members.

Capacity n. 1 The function, office, position, or role in which one acts. 2 A legal qualification, such as age, that determines one's ability to do something that has legal consequences (such as making a contract or getting married). 3 The mental ability to perceive, understand, and appreciate all relevant facts, to make a rational decision based thereon, and to understand the nature and effect of one's actions.

Capital 1n. Money or other assets used or available for the production of wealth. 2 adj. A crime punishable by or involving the death penalty.

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