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Capitalism, Capricious, Caption, Care, Carrier

Capitalism n. An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are owned and controlled mostly by private individuals and businesses for profit, thus what is produced and the quantities thereof are determined by consumer demand and competition.

Capricious adj. 1 Characterized by or resulting from caprice, inconsistency in feeling or purpose, a whim, or an unpredictable or impulsive behavior. 2 Contrary to the evidence or law.

Caption n. 1 The heading of a pleading that contains the names of the parties and court, the case index or docket number, and the type of pleading the document is. 2 The taking or carrying away of an object. 3 The arrest or seizure of a person pursuant to legal process.

Care n. 1 Serious attention, concern, interest, or regard. 2 In negligence law, the level of caution and prudence demanded in the conduct of a person in a given situation. The appropriate level is determined by measuring the potential dangers in the particular situation, the risk that the person's actions might bring the risk to fruition, and the possible ways of minimizing or eliminating the risk.

Carrier n. A person or commercial enterprise (such as an airline) in the business of transporting people or goods.

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