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Cash method, Casual employee, Casualty, Casus omissus, Caucus

Cash method n. An accounting method that records income and expenses when they are received or paid rather than when they are earned or incurred.

Casual employee n. An employee of less than full or part time status; an occasional or temporary employee.

Casualty n. 1 An individual or property that has been destroyed, injured, lost, or otherwise made ineffective. 2 The harm to an individual or property as a result of a sudden, unexpected, or unusual event. 3 An accident, especially one that is fatal or serious.

Casus omissus n. Latin. Case omitted. A legal issue or situation not governed by statutory or administrative law or by the terms of a contract. The resolution of any legal dispute arising from such an issue or situation is governed by the case law or, if it is a case of first impression, by whatever guidance the court finds in the common law.

Caucus 1 n. A meeting of the leaders, members, or representatives of a political party to select the party's nominees or convention delegates, plan a campaign, or develop party policy or strategy. 2 n. An organized group of members of a legislative body who share a common interest and work together to further those interest through legislation. 3 n. Any group or meeting organized to advance a particular cause. 4 v. To meet in or hold a caucus.

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