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Catch Me If You Can – The Movie

Have you seen Catch Me If You Can played by Tom Hanks and Leonardo di Caprio, directed by Steven Spielberg? I believe most of us have seen the movie.

What I want to share about the movie is that it is a true story and we can grab the positive aspect of the life of Frank William Abagnale Jr. (played by Leonardo). He was a check fraudster, a fake pilot, a fake doctor, a fake lawyer, but he ultimately worked in the FBI and consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

In my view, the trigger of the action by Frank was the divorce of his father and mother because of financial difficulties. It appeared that his mother cannot stand to live with his father any longer because his father was bankrupt. The story began with the love story between his father and mother, where it was clear that his father loves his mother very much, even until the death of his father.

Because of the divorce, Frank ran out the house and wander away through cities where then he became a fake co-pilot because he loved to appear as one. He was successful in performing that act and there he began to cash in fake check from the airline bank account. He has done that for quite a long time with a lost of US$1,3million. He then applied for a medical doctor as a Harvard University graduate. Not long after that, he became a lawyer by engaging with attorney general's daughter of Lousiana. What was remarkable was that he studied law for 2 weeks and he passed the bar exam there. It was incredible. Just awesome. It showed to the other law graduates how genius he was. I would be ashamed if I am the law graduate of Lousiana state.

I believe that the message of the story is clear, we can be what we want to be. We can achieve what we want to achieve in this life. Our human potential is very huge. We can be anybody. We can choose to live and to design our own life, just like Frank, but with the honest and proper way.

After long investigation and chasing by FBI, he got caught in France. He has cashed in checks all the way in many countries in the world.

Carl, the FBI investigator, told to Frank that his father passed away because of an accident. Frank was very sad and furious. He then came to his mother's house where he can see his mother has already got married with his father's friend, a lawyer, also having their own daughter. He was shocked of the facts and ran away immediately where he got caught again by Carl.

There is a positive aspect of the film and also the clear message from Steven that broken home children will have its traumatic experience in their life. Marriage is sacred. One has to maintain it to the end. If not, then the victim will always be the children. Frank did these things because he was a victim of divorce which he cannot accept. This is our obligation as parent to always remember this and to maintain our marriage no matter what.

Having been severely sentenced by the court, Frank was proposed to assist FBI on check fraud. Carl has to persuade his boss and attorney general in order to release him from the prison. Carl has said important statement, "You are just a kid". He is indeed only a kid. He was very young of age. I believe Carl also see the burdens that the kid has to endure because of the divorce of his parents.

He almost managed to go back to cheat all people by becoming a co-pilot. However, he then stopped it and got back to work with Carl.

After long years in FBI, he then became a high paid consultant for big companies and Fortune 500 companies in advising them to design a maximum security check for their interest.  He has obtained million of dollars because of his expertise in that field. He got married, had 3 children. His friendship with Carl last long.

I was astonished by the story of Frank. It strengthens me even more. It also makes me realize the importance of a stable marriage. Expertise has its worth. I believe that we can all be like Frank, in a positive way. We are destined to greatness. We have huge potential lies within us. We just have to awake the giant within us. We can do it together! God bless all of us!

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