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My Book Reviewed and Featured in Property&Bank Magazine

My book titled "A Practical Guide to Property Law (Panduan Praktis Hukum Properti)" is reviewed and featured in Property&Bank magazine. The review says that this book provides alternative problem solving where each chapter contains one segment problem you commonly encountered in the property business. Further, the extent of segmentation discussed in this book makes anyone who…
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Chaotic Real Estate Rules for Foreigner

Please enjoy my opinion titled, "Chaotic real estate rules for foreigners" as published in The Jakarta Post newspaper, 20 October 2016. In this article you can find a crucial point, namely, a right of ownership over condominium unit is unable to be revised to "right of use" over condominium unit to allow foreign ownership. The alteration of…
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Launching of My First Book Titled “A Pratical Guide to Property Law”

Thanks for all supports by various parties, Pak Roy Pantouw, general counsel of Tower Bersama Group; Pak Indra Utama, chief editor of Property&Bank magazine; Ivor Pasaribu, our Partner in Leks&Co; our staffs assisting the launching, Kompas Gramedia and Kinokuniya bookstores!

Printed: A Practical Guide to Property Law (Panduan Praktis Hukum Properti)

My first book has been published and printed 🙂 It will soon be available at the Gramedia bookstores and its affiliated bookstores, expected by end of this week. You may buy and read it. Hope it will be useful for all the readers. Thank you very much for all of our clients, colleagues, lawyers and staffs,…
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Property Investment Law in Indonesia

This is my second video as interviewed by Marcopolis. The venue is at Leks&Co office. In this video I explain the real estate law investment in Indonesia and the steps on setting up a business on real estate in Indonesia. Feel free to share it.

Property Laws in Indonesia: can foreign investors own land?

As interviewed by Marcopolis, please enjoy my video speaking on property laws in Indonesia, specifically on the possibility whether or not a foreigner can own a land. Please feel free to share it.

A Practical Guide to Property Law

My first book will soon be published by Gramedia with a title of "A Practical Guide to Property Law" (Panduan Praktis Hukum Properti). This book is essentially a compilation of my previous various articles, opinion, and thoughts on housing, condominium, land, and property development law in Indonesia. Some articles were written in English language. It…
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Interview by Marcopolis on Indonesia Real Estate Law

Eddy Leks, CEO and Managing Partner of Leks&Co, was interviewed by Marcopolis, to provide legal viewpoint on real estate in Indonesia. The interview covers legal frame work of real estate investment in Indonesia, particularly foreign investment, foreigner ownership of property in Indonesia, and ease of doing business in Indonesia. Please visit this link to read it…
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