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Legal Drafting Steps – Third Step

Review Words Review the drafted provisions for consistency of words and identify words that need to be defined. Provide a definition in the provision or listed in a separate definition provision either at the beginning (short list), at the end (longer list) of the agreement or even in a schedule should the list be quite…
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Legal Drafting Steps – Second Step

Most provisions state that one or the other party has an obligation (and, of course, that implies the corollary that the other has a right) or a right is specified. List the provisions and for each sketch out the who, what, and when of the obligation or right.
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Legal Drafting Steps – First Step

List the opening and closing provisions, and then detail the names, addresses and representatives of the parties. Then list the appropriate operative provision dividing them into three groups, namely: the main commercial provisions; other commercial and main legal provision, and the miscellaneous legal provision
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