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Caveat, Caveat emptor, Cease and desist order, Cede, Censor

Caveat n. Latin. Let him or her beware. 1 An admonition, caution, or warning. 2 A formal notice or warning given by a party to a judge or other court officer concerning his or her behavior and requesting a suspension of the proceeding until the merits of the notice or warning are determined. 3 A formal notice to a court or public official that the notifier has an interest in a matter or property and requests the suspension of some procedure or proceeding concerning the matter or property until the notifier is given a hearing.

Caveat emptor n. Latin. Let the buyer beware. The legal principle that, unless the quality of a product is guaranteed in a warranty, the buyer purchases the product as it is and cannot hold another liable for any defects. Statutes and court decisions concerning products liability and implied warranties have substantially altered this rule.

Cease and desist order n. A court or administrative agency's order prohibiting a person or entity from continuing or undertaking a particular activity or course of conduct.

Cede v. To assign; give up; relinquish; surrender; transfer; yield.

Censor 1 v. To officially inspect books, films, letters, newspapers, and other media or methods of communication in order to suppress them or to delete any portions thereof deemed offensive or objectionable for moral, political, religious, or other reasons. 2 n. A person who censors the media or other methods of communication.

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