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Censure, Census, Certificate, Certificate of deposit, Certificate of incorporation

Censure n. An official condemnation, reprimand, or expression of adverse criticism, usually by a legislative or other formal body, of the conduct of one of its members or of someone whose behavior it monitors.

Census n. The official counting of people of a county, state, or other similar political entity.

Certificate n. 1 An official or sworn document that formally attests something to be true. 2 A formal document certifying some interest, permission, right, or status granted to its bearer.

Certificate of deposit n. 1 A certificate from a bank acknowledging the receipt of money and a promise to repay it at a specified time and with interest determined at a specified rate. 2 A bank document evidencing a time deposit.

Certificate of incorporation n. A certificate issued by the state indicating that a corporation's articles of incorporation have been filed, the corporation has come into existence, and that the corporation has the right to operate as a corporation.

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