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Certify, Certiorari, Cession, Chain of causation, Chain of custody

Certify v. 1 To attest, authenticate, or verify something in writing. 2 To issue a certificate. 3 To judicially determine that a person is mentally or otherwise not competent. 4 To judicially determine that a group of individuals or entities meets the requirements to proceed with a class action.

Certiorari n. Latin. To be more fully informed. A writ issued at the discretion of an appellate court directing a lower court to certify and deliver the record of a case that is not appealable as of right to the appellate court for possible review.

Cession 1 v. The act of surrendering or transferring title to real property. 2 n. Something that is surrendered or transferred, especially real property.

Chain of causation. A series of events, each of which was caused by the immediately previous event.

Chain of custody n. The order of places where, and the persons with whom, physical evidence was located from the time it was collected to its submission at trial.

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