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C&F, Calendar, Calendar call, Call, Calumny

C&F n. abbr. Cost and freight. Both the initials and phrase are used in offers and contracts for the sale of goods to indicate that the quoted price includes the cost of the freight to a named destination as well as the cost of the goods.

Calendar n. A list of the civil and criminal cases scheduled on a particular day, week, or other time period for trial or some other hearing (such as an arraignment, sentencing, or the hearing of arguments concerning pretrial motions) to be conducted before a judge.

Calendar call n. A courtroom procedure in which the judge or a court officer calls out the names of the cases on the calendar, is advised by the parties or their lawyers whether they are ready to proceed, and, if they are, sets a date for trial. In doing so, the judge or court officer is said to "call the calendar".

Call n. 1 In property law, an identifiable natural landmark that serves to delineate the boundary of land. 2 A demand for the payment of money or the delivery of a security, such as a bond, by someone entitled to make such a demand.

Calumny n. A false and malicious statement about someone that is intended to injure his or her reputation.

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