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Chain of title, Challenge, Chamber(s), Champerty, Chancellor

Chain of title n. The history of a parcel of real property or of a commercial paper from its original owner or issuer to its current owner or issuer, including all conveyances and owners in between. Any gap in the history casts doubt on the current owner's chain of title.

Challenge 1 n. An objection, exception, or other formal questioning of the capability or legal qualifications of a person, the existence of a right, or the legality of an action or thing. 2 n. An objection by a party or a lawyer to a potential juror or jury panel and his or her request that a judge disqualify the individual or the panel from hearing that party's cause or trial. 3 v. To call into question.

Chamber(s) n. 1 The office of a judge. 2 Any location where a judge conducts official business when court is not in session.

Champerty 1 n. An agreement between a litigant and a person who is not a party to the action, including the litigant's lawyer, for that person to pursue or financially support the litigant's claim in exchange for a portion of any damages awarded. The practice was once prohibited by the common law and it is still forbidden in some states, thereby casting doubt on the legality of lawyers advancing costs for their clients, as in the payment of expert witness fees. 2 v. To financially support or otherwise maintain or promote another person's claim.

Chancellor n. 1 Traditionally, the title of the chief judge of a court chancery. 2 Any judge who sits in a court of equity.

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