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Charitable contribution, Charter, Chattel, Check, Check kiting

Charitable contribution n. A voluntary contribution of money or property to an organization involved in charitable activities and without getting or expecting to receive anything of value in return.

Charter n. 1 A formal document by which a sovereign or a government grants rights, powers, and privileges to a person, business, or the people. 2 The highest law of any organization. 3 The lease or rental of an airplane, bus, ship, or similar mode of transportation.

Chattel n. Any tangible property that is movable or transferable.

Check n. A draft signed by a person (the drawer or maker) that directs a bank (the drawee) to pay, on demand and without conditions, a specific some of money to another person (the payee). Usually the funds are withdrawn from an account or a deposit that the drawer or maker has with the bank.

Check kiting v. To write a check while knowing that there are insufficient funds in one's account to cover it.

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