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Few Hours Before Another Addition

I spoke with my staff today. I asked him how is his mother-in-law's health condition since he came back home to his hometown because his mother was sick. He said to me that his mother-in-law was dead even before he can meet her. It was a sad story. He almost cried when he told me that. I can understand how his mother meant a lot to him. I then asked him, how old was she? He told me that she was around 40s.

I thought of myself, what a young age. She died very young. My staff then said that many from his family were also died young. He said that many were silent of their sickness, they do not want to go to hospital to check up, and then suddenly, the sick gets worse to the point that it cannot be bearable any longer.

I am still in my early 30s but in no time I will soon reach 40. Time runs fast and slipped through your hand. We live day by day, every single day, doing the same activities, challenges, and problems. Some make you bored, some make you strong.

Health is very important. If you have money, good career, popularity, but you are sick, you won't enjoy it. If you are dead, or soon to be dead because of illness, you may not enjoy the fullness of life. You can achieve more in your life, if you take care of your health. This is something that one tends to take it for granted. Nothing is free. To have a good health, one has to maintain and improve it from time to time. Checking your health regularly is also very important. Do not think that life will be okay, and then disregard it.

I want to live at least until I reach 80. I want to see my kids and have grandsons and granddaughters. I want to stay strong when I am old. I want to stay active, teach, and think continuously. I believe that is human calling, for every individual, never stop, and never give in.

New year, new age, new opportunities, and new challenges. Lord, give me your wisdom and make me wiser.

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