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I just watched Flight. It is a good movie. It tells about a pilot who landed the plane on the field because the plane has a mechanical error on it its tail wing. The plane was crashed but nearly everyone in the plane was saved and he is called a hero.

At first, one will be confused on where the movie is directed. But by the time we saw the movie, it is clear that this pilot is also having a personal serious problem with himself. His problem is his serious dependency on drinking. He cannot control himself. He is almost always drunk and he had cocaine to get him straight.

The investigation for the crash of plane was initiated. He always declines that he has no problem with drinking. But at one point, since he does not want to accuse other persons, he confessed that he has been drunk all this time. His bad habit caused his divorce with his wife. Life came uneasy to him.

Finally, after the confession, he was jailed. It is not very long, around 4 to 5 years. But his license is revoked and the chance to get it back is slim to none. However, he said to his fellow inmates that he is free now. By being honest about himself and to others, he can regain control over himself and he feels free. He has the freedom now over himself.

This movie is about morale, how do you dare to tell the truth. It is easier said than done. Hope that this movie will be a wake up call to those who watch it, to be honest and to have a straight life, even though it is hard. If it is right, we know that it is right. If it is wrong, we know that it is wrong. Have integrity with your life. Human being is not a perfect person, but it will be very satisfactory if one has control over oneself. It is a victory over life.

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