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Foreign Ownership over Property

Indonesia has always been busy on a discussion of foreign ownership over property. Developers are supporting this idea, especially since the land price is getting higher and higher, they need people who have strong buying ability to purchase the property. In newspapers, we always hear this. What about the low-income community? Almost never been written in the newspaper. A sad fact.

One government to the next, this issue to amend the land law of 1960 or government regulation of 1996 has never been realized. It was as if almost promised that the new regulation will be promulgated on the previous FIABCI World Congress in Bali. It did not happen. The land law seems so sacred and untouchable.

Now, the current President Jokowi, let us see whether this government will do something about it. Jokowi's government style is considered as more on substance over style. This is positive and signals that amendment realization is more probable. But for me, if it happens, the substance of revision is important. I essentially do not support the amendment to provide more freedom to foreigners.

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