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Foster child, Illegitimate child, Legitimate child, Neglected child, Posthumous child

Foster child. A child cared for and raised by an adult, usually selected by a government agency, who is not his or her natural or adoptive parents.

Illegitimate child. A child who was not conceived or born in lawful wedlock and who is not later legitimated.

Legitimate child. 1 In common law, a child born or conceived in lawful wedlock. 2 Under most modern statutes, a child born or conceived in lawful wedlock or later legitimated by her parents' subsequent marriage, her father's acknowledgement of paternity, or a judicial determination of paternity.

Neglected child. A child whose parents or legal custodians fail to safeguard the child's emotional and physical health and general well-being.

Posthumous child. Traditionally, a child born after his father's death. However, because it is now medically possible in some situations to keep a deceased pregnant woman on life-support machine until the birth of her child, the term can include a child born after his mother's death.

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