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Have a Little Faith

Have you read Tuesday with Morrie? The writer of the book "Have a Little Faith" is the same with the author of best selling memoir Tuesday with Morrie. I have read the book, but I want to read it again because I remember that the book is awesome. It touches me deeply. The author is Mitch Albom. He is a Jew. He writes simply but nice to be understood. I like his style.

Have a Little Faith is a true story. The story is about a Rabbi and a Christian priest. Each person with his own story of life. Mitch said that the story happens within 8 years. It is not a short time for us. Eight years are quite long. The name of Rabbi is Albert Lewis and the name of the priest is Henry Corvington.

I admire both Albert and Henry. They are special men. Albert is an open minded person. He is a Jew and a Rabbi. He follows the Jewish rules vigorously to the end. He likes to sing. He is very smart. He always reads and his speech is wonderful. I never heard his speech but based on the story by Mitch, I believe Albert is a wonderful preacher.

Henry was a drug dealer. He obtained money easily. He was caught and got into jail for something that he did not do. I believe that it happens a lot in a society of Henry. The law system, even though we try to better it, it still has its weaknesses that we cannot avoid, or we don't want to avoid it. He robbed. He was also addicted to drugs. He had a complete awful life previously. However, for a reason, he then repented, and be a priest to take care homeless people.

Both men is wonderful in their own way. Like I said, I admire them both.

The funny thing about Albert was that he requested Mitch to talk on eulogy at his funeral. I do not know in the USA, but this is something odds in Indonesia. A person in here does not usually ask someone else to talk on eulogy at his or her funeral. And the strange thing, the eulogy was delivered by Mitch after 8 years. Therefore, Mitch has 8 years to prepare the eulogy and to get to know Albert, which he was afraid of. This is something that is wonderful in my view. Albert seems so mature. He can manage himself very well. He likes himself. Furthermore, he believes in Mitch. Albert died peacefully on his bed. God bless him.

Henry, on the other hand, with full trust in God manages the Church that he turned it into a place for a homeless people. He accepts homeless man to sleep in his house with a full trust, even though he only meets the man on that very day. Henry has a full faith in God and so is his wife and family. They are not afraid of strangers. I believe that they can only did such thing because of their full trust, love and dependence to God. Can we do the thing Henry did? I do not believe so. At least, I do not feel the confidence to do it right now. Maybe I can be like Henry, who knows? But may God bless and strengthen me and family when that time comes.

So, this story gives two perspective of two religious men. It is very interesting. It also makes us  understand to be always open minded and non judgement with the people that is different from us. Every man has their own way to reach their God. Every man has his own weaknesses and failures. However, we can rise again and fix our life. Jew, Moslem, Christian, what is important is that they love their God, and they love their fellow man. In the bible, those two laws are the greatest law of all.

May God bless all of us always.

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