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How to be Calm and Relax

Mature couple outdoors in rural sceneThe world is changing rapidly. Technology development is at its full speed. Every day we see new invention, new mobile phone, new laptop, or new radio signal devices. The TV is becoming thinner. The laptop becomes smaller. We can also read a book in an ebook reader now, that is stored electronically.

All these new developments make the time runs faster and shorter. Because of the speed of sending and receiving messages or information, we are all catched up by the speed of time. This speed makes us tense, not calm nor relax.

We always feel that there is so many things to do but so little time. It makes us tense and worried. The limitation of time makes us stressful. We are not calm because of that stress.

Norman Vinvent Peale explains in this chapter that we do not need to be that. We can control our stress. We can be calm and relax, if we believe that we can do it.

Norman tells some examples in his book. One of his story was about the President of United States i.e Harry Truman and Nixon. They both manage many state matters but they are also a very calm person. When Norman asked Truman what was his secret to be calm, Truman said that he always work early in the morning and do the best of his work every single day. Then, when he has finshed his work, he then let go all his worries to God and ask Him to manage while he was sleeping. It is as simple as that. Wow, no wonder Truman was the President of United States of America.

We can manage ourselves and we can be calm and relax. We have to train ourselves to achieve that. It takes time but it is possible. We have to learn to let go our worries to God. We have to learn to delegate some works to other people knowing that we cannot handle all matters by ourselves. We have to believe that we can settle all our issues nicely.

Norman also quotes the saying by Jesus in the bible: "Peace I leave to you. Peace I give to you, and what I give is not the same as what the world has given to you. Do not let your heart be worried and afraid".

At the end of the chapter, Norman summarizes the key points to be calm and relax:
A. You don't need to be worried. You can control your stress if you think you can;
B. Calmness must be trained. Thus, start to try that. Keep on practising;
C. Train yourselves to get calmness by using peaceful words and ideas through your thought night and day. These kind of words and ideas have magical cureness;
D. Reduce the noise around you;
E. Find a peaceful thought in your religion. That peace is in there;
F. Look into your heart deeply;
G. Eliminate unhealthy behavior;
H. Don't rush your selves;
I. Trust in God and follow your heart.

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