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Jewish Wisdom for Business Success

Jewish people have always been famous. One event that we may know well is because of the holocaust conducted by the Nazi led by Hitler. Another is the great recognition that Jew is usually very rich. They are financially much better than any other race, even Chinese (maybe). Jewish population only consists of 0.2% of the world population. However, more than 10% the richest man in the world are Jew, according to FORBES 400, more than 10% becomes CEO of the 500 biggest companies, according to FORTUNE, and almost 30% is the Nobel Prize winner. It is remarkable, isn't it?

The book called Jewish Wisdom for Business Success. It is written by Rabi Levi Brackman and Sam Jaffe. This is my personal summary based on the book.

Move Forward, Conquer Your Fear

You have to conquer your fear. Competition is not your true enemy. Your true enemy is your own fear. Play safe will not always be a suitable option for you. Taking risks are also important in life. You always have to reflect your own personality. Are you driven by fears or by facts? Be careful. Do not be directed by your fears. Fear can also make you want to fight. You want to fight because you are brave, but because you are fear of the facts that you are facing in life. Concentrate on moving forward. If you spend your energy on fighting, then you will not move forward and you waste your own valuable time. Fighting is a backward step. Do not blame other people. Do not blame other circumstances. You are the controller of your own life and business. At the time you point out to others, then you lose control. God will not help you if you do not help yourself. Waive your fear and use the risk management so that you can measure the risk. Step forward. You will be surprised that when you are taking the steps forward, your fear does not look fearful any longer.

Nobody Can Hinder Your Intention

Motivation is not an asset for success, but it a prerequisite. There is an inner will and outer will. Outer will is required so that you can achieve your inner will. Inner will is your true calling in life. Outer will is the required actions that you have to take in order to achieve your inner will. Outer will must  be in line with your inner will. However, in most of the cases, our outer will does not in conform to our inner will. Do not count on luck to get the carrier of your dram. Find your own inner will, then plan long term, work hard and prepare to sacrifice. You will achieve your goals in the end. Reflect every day whether or not your life is already in line with your inner will. If you are in line with your inner will, then you will perform well in your outer will area. Follow your heart! It is a true recipe for lasting happiness. To find your true calling, you may take notes on the things that make you passionate. Take notes on the things that make you forget the time. If you can find your inner will, then your path to success will be clearer and shorter.

Humility Path

Do not be arrogant. Remember that when you achieve success, many people have helped you. God is always be with you when you endure all trials and errors before you can be on top. Arrogance can destroy you overnight. Remember that God gives you a proper position or success for a purpose. Therefore, you must always remember to focus on the greater purpose in relation to your position or success, not just your own private interest. Open your mind to various ideas and suggestions by other people. Make a decision yourself after you filter all the ideas and suggestions. This may not mean that you are controlled by others. The decision is your own personal action. However, do not rely on your own thought. It can be disastrous. More brains and many advisers are better than none.

Patriarch Business Model

Marketing is very important in business, as well as credibility, honesty and your belief on the sold product. However, there are also other factors that are required for long term success. Do what is right, not only for the popularity or money. Remember always to be a trustworthy person. As the employer and entrepreneur, you must always take care of your employees. You have to maintain their loyalty to you. It is very important. Let other people assist you while you expand your business. You cannot do anything by yourself. However, do not immediately let go your business to other people. You must oversee your business and take care it into its detail. After you got married, you have to maintain your relationship with your husband or wife. You cannot just let your husband or wife go after the marriage. To have a wonderful and strong marriage, you have to maintain the relationship between the couple. It is also the same in the business. You have to maintain your business as well as maintain the relationship with your employees. Work hard and work smart.  Hard working only is not enough. Have a system to protect yourself and your business from bad people who wants to manipulate you. Adapt your business to the current circumstances. The change nowadays is very fast, so is also to your business. If your business does not change by following the current circumstances, then your business will be in trouble. Manage your business from top to bottom. You may surely delegate but you must always oversee the delegation implementation.

Making Sales

Note that you always negotiate with other people. Negotiation skill is very important for every business. If you improve your negotiation skill, then your business will also be improved. Always have a big picture first in your mind. Then, you can manage to change the small things. Most of the time, by changing the small things, you can change the big things that you want. Set your goal beforehand and be flexible to achieve it. You can find many creative ways to get a win win solution by having your goal and also by giving the best to your counter party. Trust is very important. It takes time to build trust. Be patience and always try to build trust, appreciation and friendship with the people in your life. Check and recheck all the time. Get the facts and check, and recheck it. Accordingly, you will have a big picture of the intention and goals of your counter party. Do not assume. Just get the facts before you.

Manage Failure

Admit your failure. Do not be ashamed or fearful because you have failed. The longer you disguise your failure, the worst it will make to your business. Failure is normal thing in a business. If you do not fail, then you will not be improved. Do not blame other people when you fail. Blame yourself. However, do not get drowned in failure. Get up and learn from it. You have to regularly check your financial condition of your business. Check whether there is a leakage in your business. You must know it immediately, fix it, and learn from it so that it will not happen again in the future. Throw away the word "failure" from your dictionary. Every difficulty in business must be seen as an opening key to greater success.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Focus on your main role, to make and earn money. Remember to give tithing, 10% of your income to make the world a better place and more spiritual. This approach is very good because it will attract more energy from the universe to bring more success as its payment. Try to build your credibility. This involves the pray activity, giving and helping other people. The more credible you are, the more the energy will be attracted to you and the greater will be your success. By giving donation to people, you will continuously repay to the community. This action will give peace inside you. In everything you do, there is always an opportunity to give and to receive. Whenever you receive, you have to give also.

Positive Thinking

Think positive is the identity of a successful person. By being a positive person, you will attract positive situation into your life. Positive words and positive thinking will attract positive things into your life. However, be aware that positive thinking and positive words are not enough. You also have to act positively. Remember that work hard and work smart are the prerequisite for success. Use the power of intention to visualize the project or new business that you are planning and attracting into you. At the same time, make sure you speak positively to attract and to get the things that you want. Remember to be always careful of your spoken words. Positive wordings will attract positive situation to you and vice versa. Be grateful. Be always thankful to God, your employees and your business partners. Do not be doubtful. If you are in doubt, you will hinder the positive power and situation into your life. Recognize your negative thought and feelings and then throw them away.

Way of the Wise

Be rational. Use your head. Do not use your emotional feeling too much. You must balance your ratio and your feeling. When you use your feeling too much, it may result in a difficult situation. Analyse everything based on facts, not emotion. However, you cannot also use your ratio only and disregard emotion. Everything in life also involves emotional relationship. Accordingly, what important is to balance between ratio and emotion. If you can balance both ratio and emotion, you will be successful.

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