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Judicial bond, Junk bond, Municipal bond, Payment bond, Peace bond

Judicial bond. A bond to protect the adverse party in a civil case against the loss caused by any delay or inability to utilize property as a result of the lawsuit.

Junk bond. A corporate bond that pays high interest, because the company issuing it has a great risk of going out of business.

Municipal bond. A bond issued or guaranteed by a local or state government or governmental body.

Payment bond. A bond to ensure that the employees, subcontractors, and suppliers of materials for a general contractor on a construction project will be paid by the bonding company, which acts as an insurer, if the contractor fails to pay them.

Peace bond. A bond required by a court of a person who has previously engaged in public disturbances or disorderly conduct or has threatened to do so again to ensure that, if she breaches the peace in the future, she will pay the court an amount up to the limits of the bond.

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