Latent ambiguity, Patent ambiguity, Amenable, Amend, Amendment

Latent ambiguity. An ambiguity that is not obvious and is unlikely to be found while using reasonable care. For example, a third party contract that provides for a payment to be made to a charity, but two charities exist with the same name.

Patent ambiguity. An ambiguity that is obvious or apparent upon reasonable inspection.

Amenable adj. 1 Legally answerable; required to respond; responsible; subject to. 2 Capable of being tested, adjudged, brought to judgment. 3 Susceptible to; disposed toward; capable of being persuaded.

Amend v. To add, to delete, correct, revise, or otherwise alter.

Amendment n. 1 The addition, deletion, correction, or other changes proposed or made to a document. 2 The act or process or revising something.

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