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Master Key System

Finally, I have finished reading a book titled "Master Key System" made by Charles F Haanel.

The book is really good. Even though many books have explained the same essence, this book emphasizes the importance of 'within' condition that in turn will determine the result of 'without' condition. Everything is cause and effect. What we think will have an effect. What we think, is a process of sowing. The seed that is planted in our thoughts will bear fruits, whether positive or negative, depending on the seed. By the time it is ripe, then we can reap the fruits. Therefore, it is very important that we sow positive thoughts so that we can reap positive results.

Master Key System explains the basic ideas of all creation. Everything is derived from the same essence or material. This is similar to the concept thought by Deepak Chopra on his book "Creating Affluence". Everything is related. Every material has the same atoms. The difference is on its structure. If we pay attention the atom or material, it will blink and leave track. That is why we can understand that there is a material, even though it is so small our eyes cannot see it. Accordingly, what we focus on will expand. It is then very important to set what we are going to focus on. If we focus on health, wealth, and success, then they will come in reality. It is true. I believe that. The problem is, it is not easy to control our thought or mind. It requires practice and determination. To strengthen the mind, we have to keep on practicing. If we want to strengthen our body, we have to exercise. The same concept applies to our mental state.

However, I would like to add one point. Even though everything is derived from our mind and thought, we have to produce and take action in order to obtain the actual result. Action is very important. If we only have positive imagination and faith, but we do not take action, everything will be useless. Therefore, keep on taking action persistently with diligence and discipline. Just like Celine Dion has said that she did discipline all of her life. And we can see what it brings to her life and career.

Success for all of us!

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