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Mochtar Riady

Couple of weeks ago I saw a new book in Gramedia, with a Mochtar Riady's picture titled "Manusia Ide". This is the type of book I have been waiting for. I am always astonished with how Lippo is doing its business, behind it, Mochtar and James Riady. I am also wondering all this time, whether Mochtar will write a biography. Fortunately, he wrote his own story of success in life, business, and family. This is to me very important, not only for my personal use, but also for public at large. Everybody needs to learn from this wonderful person.

I am lucky as one of the persons working with Lippo. I experienced it myself how the company is very active, ambitious, confident, and visionary. The management moves very fast to achieve the ambitious goals. Until now, Lippo is still growing, especially supported by emerging businesses created by its different generations of family.

Reading the biography, I can see that Mochtar is a brilliant CEO and entrepreneur. He has a strong and daring vision for his company but also doing very good in managing the company. He sees that an operation system in a company is crucial. Efficiency, effectiveness, productivity are other principles that need to be achieved. A company is similar to a person. If a person's body is overweight, he or she ma not be able to move fast. A company is too. A company will be healthy if it is efficient and productive.

One interesting point on his biography is, it is not only an autobiography, but there is also another book written by different kinds of people in his life. These people's views complete one's understanding about Mochtar Riady, his life, his achievement, and his compassion. Many say that he is not only brilliant in business but also in humanity. This is important. This shows to everyone that money is not everything. In his biography, one can understand that he is still living a simple life, despite his richness. One needs to be social, to bring good to society, by doing a business. This is a trending concept of "social enterprise" or even a better concept, also popularized by Mohammad Yunus.

Mochtar said that his life is one goal to another goals. It is so simple, but perhaps many do not understand its importance. One can live one's own life by default, as a result, one does not plan properly in advance. I remember one quote, "Success is goals, and all else are commentary". Reading about Mochtar's life, giving me a stronger belief about the importance of goal.

Mochtar's life inspires me to improve myself to be much better than now. There is still much to be achieved, to be learned, to be done. Never stop learning. Never stop improving. Seeing his passion in his old age, also reminded each one of us to be continuously active in one's life. Old age is not a boundary. This is easy to say but hard to do.

Under his command, Lippo becomes one of the best conglomerates group in Indonesia. As Indonesian, and alma mater of Lippo, I am proud. Many Indonesians are aware, if they go to Hong Kong or Shanghai, they will see Lippo building there. That is awesome. Now, I read from the autobiography, that Lippo just bought a tower in US. Now, Mochtar's vision is completed by having presence in big capital cities in the world. This surely brings Lippo's name to the world, and along with Indonesia's name.

Pak Mochtar, thanks for sharing about your life. I believe that your life will inspire many other people so that they can achieve more than they think they are able to.

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