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Motivation that Really Motivates

This is the excerpt of chapter of Norman Vincent Peale's book, "You Can if You Think You Can" .

Suggestions to show what motivation can do for you:

  1. motivation kindles the fire within you - a fire that make spiritual power keeps on fire;
  2. motivation opens up your talent. Do you know your real potential? Find it, because the potential is there. Then let it go;
  3. do not be a person who always hold himself down - be a person that struggle with all his might;
  4. and in whatever you do, do not be a half minded person;
  5. remember that the strongest motivation is a spiritual motivation. Thus, open up yourself on a spiritual things;
  6. be alert on magical motivator that can rekindle and change you from an ordinary person to a dynamic person;
  7. make friends with people who motivate others;
  8. analyse motivator's idea to move forward;
  9. in a deep trouble, keep on motivated, because the best is often emerged from sorrow;
  10. visualize your purpose. Store that vision or image to your awareness. Store that vision before you and that vision will be realized.

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