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Greatest Salesman

The book is written by OG Mandino. I believe OG Mandino is a very famous author and trainer in sales. This book is not only about sales, even though it…

Have a Little Faith

Have you read Tuesday with Morrie? The writer of the book "Have a Little Faith" is the same with the author of best selling memoir Tuesday with Morrie. I have…

How to be Calm and Relax

The world is changing rapidly. Technology development is at its full speed. Every day we see new invention, new mobile phone, new laptop, or new radio signal devices. The TV…

Principle of Determination – Never Surrender

This is the first principle mentioned in the book. When I read the chapter, I recalled a story of Winston Churchill. I heard the story from several people and coach, but the essence of the story is the same. Winston was invited to give a speech in his former college/university. When he was at the podium to give a speech, he was silent, and he fixed his glasses. Then he said to the audience: “Never Give Up!”.

The Power of Giving

The book describes the importance of giving and its extraordinary benefit for the giver. The benefits of giving are among others new relationship, security, job, good health, pride and success, happiness, peace and love.