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Pretextual arrest, Warrantless arrest, Arrest of judgment, Arson, Art

Pretextual arrest. A valid arrest made for a minor offense with the intent to hold the person in custody while investigating his involvement in a more serious offense for which there is yet no lawful grounds to arrest the suspect.

Warrantless arrest. An arrest made in a public place without a warrant that is based on either the probable cause that the person committed a felony or the person committing a misdemeanor in the law enforcement officer's presence.

Arrest of judgment n. The court's refusal to render or enforce a judgment after a verdict has been reached because of some apparent defect or error in the proceedings or because the verdict is not supported by the evidence.

Arson n. 1 In common law, the willful and malicious burning of someone else's dwelling house. In some states, the term includes, under specific circumstances, the burning of a dwelling house by its owner. 2 Under modern statutes, the intentional causing of a dangerous fire or explosion for the purpose of destroying one's own or another's property.

Art 1 v. To utilize knowledge or skill according to rules and principles to create something. 2 n. A business, occupation, or pursuit that depends upon a skill. 3 n. In patent law, the method, process, or technique for creating something or for achieving a useful result.

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