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Principle of Determination – Never Surrender

Man with arms outstretched in rainSummary of a book titled “You Can If You Think You Can” by Norman Vincent Peale

This is the first principle mentioned in the book. When I read the chapter, I recalled a story of Winston Churchill. I heard the story from several people and coach, but the essence of the story is the same. Winston was invited to give a speech in his former college/university. When he was at the podium to give a speech, he was silent, and he fixed his glasses. Then he said to the audience: “Never Give Up!”. Everybody at the podium is in full silence. Silence is filled the room all over the places even you can hear a needle dropped on the floor. He then said again louder “Never Give Up!”. He fixed his glasses again in silence. He looked into the eyes of every people at the podium. He said the third time “Never Give Up!”. After saying the third words, he came down the podium and got back to his chair. That was his famous “three words” speech. He said nothing than that but the essence is very clear and filled the mind of the audiences. We can see by ourselves how the life of Winston Churchill is. If we know what the history of his life is, we can better understand his words “Never Give Up!”

In the book, Norman said that many people is smart. They have the talent to succeed. However, many of them also fail because they stop three steps, two steps or even one more step before they succeed. It is a pity. The people who succeed are the people who endure and face the problems creatively and patiently. Problems of our life will always be there. We have to look over our problems. If our problems are like a mountain, then we have to fly above the mountain so that we can look clearer how we can solve our problems. There is always a way. There is always a solution to our problem. Trust that.

Norman also told a story about himself. He had to give a speech in another city but the planes cannot fly there. He had a limited time. However, he tried to be positive and think a way and solution for his problem. He visualized a positive result. He has confidence and belief that he can make it. He drove a car to different city so that he can take another plane that can go directly to his destination city. The car broke down in the middle of the road. Fortunately, he met with an expert car repairer that can fix his car’s problems fast and promptly. After the issue was solved, there came another issue, the car cannot be started because of its electricity. The mechanic charged car’s electric and told him that he had to drive his car nonstop to his destination, because if he stopped the car, then he cannot start it again. After arriving to his destination, to his surprise, the plane was fully booked. There was again another problem he had to face. He persevered. He waited and asked the waiter there to ask whether there is a cancellation of flight. Fortunately, there was one man that did not show up. He took his place and flown to his destination. He arrived 45 minutes before the event took place. If Norman gave up, the booking for his speech eight months earlier will mean nothing. Accordingly, never surrender, never give up. Think positive and calm. There is a way. There will be a solution to each of our problems.

Key Points:

  1. When you are facing a problem, never stop to attack the problem. Always use the principle of determination;
  2. Remember – you can manage your mountain problems by thinking over that mountain;
  3. Use the motto: “Never surrender too early”. Never stop trying;
  4. Use inspired words. Never speak down. Use Good Words;
  5. Hard work will bring victory;
  6. Master the principle of perception. Learn to know yourselves. Know your deep rooted self;
  7. If you do not succeed the first time, try and try again;
  8. Never let circumstance control you. With your thoughts, control your circumstance. You can do it if you think you can;
  9. Keep on trying because you will succeed. Move forward and the result will be good;
  10. And God blesses you in all your ways.

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