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Series bond, Supersedeas bond, Surety bond, Zero-coupon bond, Bonded

Series bond. A group or groups of bonds issued as a result of the same bond indenture, but offered to the public at different times and with different maturity dates and interest dates.

Supersedeas bond. A bond required of the losing party in a civil action for the amount of the judgment. The bond is frequently a requirement for delaying the execution of the judgment while the losing party is appealing the case.

Surety bond. A bond provided, usually for a fee, by one party, such as an insurance company, to protect against the potential actions or default of another party, by guaranteeing to perform certain acts or to pay an amount up to the limits of the bond if the other party acts or fails to act as prescribed in the bond.

Zero-coupon bond. A bond for which no interest is paid before its maturity. It is purchased at a discount price and redeemed at its maturity for its face value.

Bonded adj. Acting under, placed under, protected by, or secured by a bond.

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