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Summary of The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

Two groups of business people connecting large jigsaw piecesThis book is discussing the fundamental or basic principles of life, according to Jim Rohn. We may have different opinion or perspectives on the basic principles of life, but according to Jim Rohn, they will always be related with these principles i.e. philosophy, attitude, activity, results, and lifestyle. Philosophy relates with the way we think. Attitude relates with the way we feel. Activity is the action that we undertake to achieve our dream, goals and plans. Result is to measure our progress in achieving our dream, goals and plans. It is similar concept of: “You will reap what you have sown”. Lifestyle is to enjoy your life in its fullness while trying to achieve your dream, goals and plans. Aside to these principles, the writer also reminds us on the limitation of time and the importance for all of us not to waste time. This is because at the end of the day, if we do not spend our time wisely and effectively, we will regret our life. Further, the weighs of success weighs ounces and the weighs of regret weigh tons.

As stated by Jim Rohn, this book is intended to inspire all the readers. As I also read this book, I realize that this is not a “how to” book or a book with a list of to dos. However, substantially, it inspires us to review our life. We need to stop for a moment, in our busy schedule, to meditate and review what is going on with our life, and more importantly, where our life is heading. Without a proper direction, without goals, dreams, short term and long term planning, our life may not be very appealing. In other words, we cannot live a very full life without them or to state it worse, our life may only be a failure. The challenge of our life is how to be a successful person than a mediocre person. We are not intended to be a mediocre person because that is not the intention of our being in the world.

Discipline is also one ingredient that is substantially explained in this book. Discipline involves all major pieces of life puzzle because it is a very fundamental attitude that we need to overcome. With discipline alone, we can see how our life will be in the future. Without it, our life will never be positive. Discipline also involves self control. With positive attitude of discipline, it will also affect other disciplines 1and it will further strengthen our life.

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