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Suu Kyi

Suu Kyi was the receiver of Noble Prize winner in 1990. She obtained the peace prize for her efforts to achieve democracy in Burma by using peace means. The prize was given in 1990 but she can deliver her speech for the onbtainment of Noble Prize around 2010. It was a pity and shameful situation. She was detained in her house by the Burmese government for around 15 years.

She was just a simple woman. She is a mother to her two sons. She lived in Europe, not in Burma. However, the situation in Burma enforced her to get involved with the fight to achieve democracy.

I watched the movie on her life through a movie titled "The Lady". It was a good movie. Michelle Yeoh played as Suu Kyi very well. This movie was also very sentimental. Many sad moments were described in the movie. One of them was that Suu Kyi cannot come home to see her husband when her husband was sick to his death. Why? Because if Suu Kyi went back to her husband in Europe, the Burmese government will not allow her to return to Burma, and accordingly, all her fight for democracy will be wasted.

Military power is good on some sense, but I believe they cannot be allowed to control or to run the state. The leader has to be from civil people. The military's function is to protect the country from outer invasion. I believe many examples in the world, we can see that when the military is given too much power or when they control a state for a long or prolonged period, it will not be good for the people.

By the time the movie is finished, there was a quote by Suu Kyi, "Please use your liberty to promote ours". Go for it Suu. The fight is still continued.

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