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The Power of Giving

Woman holding a featherI just finished reading a book called "The Power of Giving" by Harvey McKinnon and Azim Jamal.

The book describes the importance of giving and its extraordinary benefit for the giver. The benefits of giving are among others new relationship, security, job, good health, pride and success, happiness, peace and love.

What can we give? We can give love, laughter, knowledge, leadership, hope, life, time, money, expertise, health, touch, compassion, and suggestion.

To whom we should give? You can give to yourself, your family, your community, nonprofit organizations, and earth.

When is the time to give? TODAY. Today is the time when you have to give something. There is not ideal time for giving than today. You can give during your happy time or even during your sad time. You have to habitually push yourself to give to others so that it will become automatic to your life. When you find difficulties in your life, you will not have any trouble to give something to others.

How can your giving hugely impact others? You have to give with all your heart. Give yourself, not only your wealth. Give with respect, humility and compassion. Give without conditions. Give even in your difficulties. Tithe your money, your time, your ideas. If it is hard for you to tithe money, then you can do it gradually, 1% at a time until you reach 10%. Another important thing is, you have to balance yourself between giving and receiving. The writers believe that too much giving and less receiving good for yourself is bad for you. It is not and ideal form of giving.

This book also covers the importance for a corporation to give and to contribute to its people and community. Based on research and facts, corporations that focus on its customers, and to always give something valuable to its customers are successful corporations. Giving by corporations will give positive impacts, such as optimize the development of customers and clients, retain superior employees, increase credibility and trust, socially responsible, give benefits for all the stockholders.

The benefits of giving are stated many times in this book. Minimum, you will receive what you have given. However, most of the time, and believe it, you will receive much more than you have given to others. It may come to you immediately or it may come to you for a longer period of time. However, the principle is still the same, "give and you shall receive".

Let us make our life and our world a better place by believing and practicing the power of giving.

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