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Three Idiots

You know, my friends were recommending to me to watch Three Idiots movie. I do not know what this is about. But, since I was just got married and my friends told me that the movie is good for couples, then I thought that this film is about romance. After seeing the movie, I realize that it is not about romance. Yes, there is some romance on it. But, romance just a part of it. There are so many to tell from the movie. Because of the romance, then the movie becomes more beautiful then any other movies.

At the beginning, the movie scene is on the plane. One of the man played that he was very sick. He pretended that he was very sick. Because of him, the plane landed again and he was brought down from the plane. This is all because of the message from his friend, that his other friend will be in the city. At the beginning, the movie seemed to me as weird. Who is his friend? It is just a man though. If it is a beautiful lady, then maybe I can understand. However, after seeing the movie, I understand why he was acting like that. If I am in his position, maybe I will do it also 🙂

There are three closed friend during their study in the university majoring in engineer. From the movie, we can see that engineering faculty is mostly recommended by the parents in India. All the parents would like to see their sons become an engineer. I think it was the same in Indonesia. Even in my generation, the fathers were still like that.  I remembered one of my friends. He was chosen to be in social class. His father disagreed. His father came to see the headmaster. On the next day, his son was transferred to science class. I do not know whether my friend really chose science or it was his father's choice. However, in my time, science is regarded better and higher than social class. To me, it is not better or higher 🙂

Back on the movie, these three closed friends were always together. One of the group, named Rancho, played by Aamir Khan, was the most smart and creative. From the beginning this Rancho was always unique and phenomenal. He was seldom seen to study. However, he graduated as the best student of his class, where his two friends almost did not pass the graduation.

To me, this movie is a combination of fun, romance and deep meaning. As other Indian movie, 3 Idiots also performed dancing and singing. The message of the song and the movie is also very clear i.e. "All is Well". This is the positive motto that we can all use when we face our trouble and difficulties in our life. No matter what happen, we have to believe that "All is Well".

The other meaningful point is passion. What do you want in life? What do you really want? It seems strange but sometimes we do not know what we want. We have been living by default. We went to school, then college, university then we went to work in the company. We just do that, just like that. We do not know what we really want. Our parents directed our steps. When our parents do not direct our steps, we just follow others' steps. Therefore, we really do not know what we want to do in our life. This movie makes us to look into ourselves. It makes us to reflect and to think in solitude, within ourselves, to answer the question, "What do I really want, and love to do?" In short, we have to find our passion. When the time we find it, we have to dare to go for it. We will be happier. We will be more successful if we follow our own passion. If we are passionate on some thing, our eyes blink in bright colors. If we are passionate on what we do, then we will be boring and lazy to do that.

So, the movie is quite long. I guess it is more than 2 hours. However, I highly recommend all to see this movie. You will not be disappointed. It is fun, romantic and it teaches us a lot.

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