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Universal Studios

Today is my first time to visit Universal Hollywood Studio in Singapore. I heard about the place quite a lot and since a long time ago. I did not go there since my children was just around 2 years old by the time Universal was opened. Now, two years later, I come here to bring my children.

As all people always do, they take a picture in the globe, at the front door, where there is a writing of Universal. We did it too. There was so many people also taking picture just like us. So many Indonesians. As long as I walk, I see so many Indonesian. Not only in Universal, but at the core areas in Singapore. Indonesian rules! 😀

The place is very huge. There were too many people. It was crowded. It took me almost 1 hour just to watch the Madagascar show. What about tomorrow? Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. Maybe tomorrow will be worse than today.

Since there were too many people and too long in queue, my children were tired. They had to walk long distance just to go around the theme park. Thus, we only tried 3 games today. We also had our lunch there. Afterwards, we went home.

To me, the place was okay. As always, I have never really experienced the theme park when I brought my children with me. We brought them to enjoy the show, but they are too small. Accordingly, they become tired so soon. We have to go back there again sometime. Plus, we better go not on Friday, and better not on school holiday. I don't know how much that would help.

That's life with the kids 😀

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