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You Can Handle Your Problems

Female student trying to solve formulaEverybody has problems in their life. I have my own problems every single day.

In this chapter, Norman Vincent Peale wants to teach us that problems are part of our life. Every living person will have problems. A person who does not have problems are those who are already dead and buried in the graveyard.

We can handle our problems. Believe in yourself that we can do it if we think that we can do it. W Clement Stone said that in every problems there is always advantage arising from it. If the problems are big then the advantages arising from it is also huge. Therefore, we have to be happy when we have problem because it will enhance and develop our character and life.

Robin Sharman says that if you seldom fail, it means that you do not take risk action in your life. In other words, if you have less problems, then you do not take courage actions in your life. It is not good though because you are developed more when you face and solve your problems.

To solve a problem you need to develop your knowledge, your thought, and your belief. A problem can be divided into small components. There is an answer in every problem. If you can divide the components of problem then you can find the answer from it.

Knowledge is power. You have to know what is the real facts and situation of a problem. Then, think! Think clearly and calmly. Do not be emotional or panic. It will make the problem worse. Think and pray. Pray enhances and transforms your thought with God's thought and inspirations. The last thing is to have faith. To believe that you can solve your problem effectively.

There is a saying in a bible: "I can bear all problems in Him". If we have faith in God, we can be sure that we will find a solution for our problem. Trust me that we can do that. Thus, three important components: to know, to think and to believe.

Norman also summarizes the key principle of this chapter:
1. A problem is actually fine, not bad as we have thought;
2. Only a living person has problems. The much your problems, the better is your life. Be happy if you have problems;
3. Get all possibilities on your problems. Knowledge on problem is the key to successful solution;
4. When problems come, be calm;
5. Thought cannot be functioning in hot. A thought can be functioning when it is cool and factual;
6. Think-successful idea is already in your head. Think!;
7. Believe that you can. Believe that it is possible to solve your problem. Extraordinary things happen to people who believes. Thus, believe that the solution will come. Certainly!

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